Justice Verma committee to make stringent law for crime against women

Justice Verma committee  to make stringent law for crime against women

Justice J S Verma committee was constituted to recommend amendments to the Criminal Law so as to provide for quicker trial and enhanced punishment for criminals accused of committing sexual assault against women. It extended the definition of rape and sexual assault and recommended to increase quantum of punishment from ten years of rigorous imprisonment to life imprisonment. It also recommended that sexual intercourse with a minor person shall be deemed rape, and shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment not less than 10 years. Based on recommendations given by Justice Verma Committee, the Parliament passed the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013 in March.

UPA started withering away

UPA started withering away

The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) pulled out of the ruling UPA coalition on 19th March posing no immediate threat to the minority government, which survived with the support of other parties like Samajwadi Party (SP) and Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP). But, the withdrawal of the DMK proved to be the beginning of the withering away of the UPA. Allies like NCP too gave clear indications of distancing away from Congress in past few days and more allies are expected to leave UPA in coming months. It was speculated that the DMK’s withdrawal would weaken the UPA in pursuing the reforms in the land and food sectors. But, even after much chaos in the parliament, the government was able to see through the legislations.

Gayatri Pariwaar begins Ganga cleaning awareness campaign

Gayatri Pariwaar begins Ganga cleaning awareness campaign

A detailed survey is part of the project, so that information about social, religious, educational organizations in the different towns and villages on the river banks, the number of ghats at different locations, local festivals, types of industries, governing bodies, medicinal plants, levels of pollution etc. can all be recorded.Along with that, volunteers of Gayatri Pariwar shall initiate a cleaning drive along the banks of Ganga. Haridwar, March 18: Worried at the increasing pollution in the Ganga, the All World Gayatri Pariwar, a religious group with followers in different cities, initiated a program for the cleaning and conservation of the holy river. The program, named Nirmal Ganga Abhiyan-Bhagirathi Jalabhishek began with a two-day special training camp at Shantikunj-Haridwar.


Vivid manifestations of Hindutva thought were seen in 2013: Bhaiyyaji Joshi

Abhijit Mulye
Nashik, December 30 : 

undefinedThe passing year put before us vivid manifestations and acceptability of the Hindutva thought amongst the intelligentsia of our society, SarKaryavah (General Secretary) of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha (RSS) Shri. Suresh (Bhaiyaji) Joshi told NewsBharati here today.  

Vivekananda 150th birth anniversary:growing acceptance of Hindutva  

Vivekananda Saardhashati (150th birth anniversary) celebrations started on 12th January 2013 got overwhelming response from all cross sections of the society. Through various symposia, lectures, seminars and other similar kind of events, efforts were made to reach out to the thought leaders of the society. These efforts were received very well and we could see a broader, brighter manifestation of the Hindutva thought through such interactions. We realized that the thought leaders of the society have a much more acceptance to Hindutva than what was perceived earlier, Joshi elaborated.

Rise of AAP is a clear signal to all political parties

In a special interview for the ‘Recap 2013’ section of NewsBharati, Shri. Joshi elaborated on various topics that made news in 2013. When asked about the much talked of success of Aam Aadami Party in Delhi assembly elections and the discussions regarding the new political culture that followed it, Joshi said that this is a clear signal for all the political parties that they should be more careful in choosing candidates.

Dignity of women: Not by law alone: it is a social responsibility

While speaking about the crime against women in our society, Joshi said that, these crimes are an outcome of ill, degraded minds. We, as a society, need to look into the ‘Samsakara’ factor or the values that are inculcated through our societal institutions like family, educational institutions, and media. We will have to ensure that right values are inculcated into the society and this won’t be possible merely by passing some legislation. He said, “Legislation is not an alternative to value system.” Joshi also expressed concern over the demands to nullify recent Supreme Court verdict regarding article 377. He said, homosexuality does not have social sanction in India and does not have any standing in Indian culture. Hence, any attempts to get legal status for that “would not be acceptable”.

Safety and security of Hindus all over the world is responsibility of Bharat 

When asked about the attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan, Joshi said that, it has always been our demand that Indian government should ensure safety and security of Hindus world over. Indian government should convey its concern over such cases to the respective country.

Weak and meek foreign policy towards neighbors

While speaking about the Chinese and Pakistani aggression on the borders along India during the year, Joshi said, such incidences are not new to us, in the sense that they are obvious side effects of the weak external affairs policy which our government has adopted. If we feel that such incidences should not repeat in future, we will have to have our foreign policy corrected. “Any lapse in internal or external security is always a danger. India should take all such actions by Pakistan and China very seriously. India should not bow to any kind of pressure from any international forces or groups. And our external policy needs to have correction in this regard”, he said.Joshi appreciated Indian government’s tough stand in the Devyani Khobragade case and said, this might be an effort to weaken and demoralize India. Government should ensure that nobody dares any such attempt in future.

Government machinery should be more trained to handle natural disasters

Joshi expressed deep condolences towards the lives lost in the natural calamity that hit the state of Uttarakhand earlier this year and said, “We need to ensure that the development plans are made after a due consideration to the geological and geographical factors and are implemented flawlessly”. He praised Indian military forces for their efforts during the calamity and also commended the way in which the voluntary organizations across the nation started relief and rehabilitation operations in the region. He expressed displeasure over the response of the government machinery and said government machinery should ensure proper and complete training in disaster management.